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Well, here we go!

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Yikes.  This is my first post.  On my first website.

New things are thrilling to me for just this reason – this huge adrenaline rush as I type.  It’s fun and exciting.  I just realized that I’m smiling right now, so how bad can it be, this blog/website thing?

I am ready for this.  Here’s (a tiny tiny part of) my story:

I knew I wanted to be a geography major my freshman year of college.  I realized quickly that it was the subject that caught my interest every time.  I love other cultures.  I love maps.  I long to travel.  I am fascinated by the way others live.  Unlike many fresh graduates, I began a career right away in my field of study and haven’t ever thought about switching gears.  Until now.  I recently resigned from my good old reliable paycheck job and chose happiness.  I’m working full-time figuring out what I wanna do with my life.

So my journey begins with a great deal of uncertainty.  There are so many things that I am interested in and passionate about.  Why can’t I just pick one and move on with it?  Why haven’t any of the jobs that friends have forwarded to me in the past several weeks sparked any excitement or hope?  Because these jobs aren’t things that I “want to do for the rest of my life.”  I am very close to discovering just what that is, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am learning about myself every day through a program I’m pursuing online.  I’m enjoying being selfish.

So stay tuned for another exciting episode of As The Stomach Turns…  dun dun dunnnnnn:

Does she get a clue?  Does her husband change his mind after she spends weeks getting out of bed at 10 am?  Will her family be forced to eat ramen at every meal?  Does this extrovert make up imaginary friends to talk to now that she has no co-workers?  Does she think she can really pull off tank tops and yoga pants every day (even in public)??  Does she become successful?  

Oh, I hope some of those answers turn out to be YES!

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  1. yeah! excited to follow along. hoping i can keep up with the adventure 🙂


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